Sunday, July 09, 2006


This week I was treated to a host of wildly amusing adventures that have left me exhausted with stomach muscles that ache from laughing. On Monday The Pinkerton (I just thought of that nickname just now) and I saw Superman, which believe it or not, was not especially moving, although Kevin Spacey was to die for and Parker Posey won my heart yet again. Later that very same evening, Danielle and I ate Vietnamese food (the restaurant had wooden beaded curtains that I had a great time with) and then watched The Devil Wears Prada. Everyone in the theatre really seemed to be getting behind Anne Hathaway's character under the collective spirit of "yeah, we've all got crazy/cruel/inhuman bosses" but I say at least Anne Hathaway's boss was elegant, classy, and composed. What a treat not to hear a Meryl Streep raise her voice through the whole thing. Truly a luxury.

On the 4th, The Pinkerton and I thought what better way to display our patriotic spirits than with ENORMOUS Dunkin Donuts smoothies. We watched the fireworks from the FDR Drive on the East Side, sandwiched between a group of Japanese gals, a Polish family, and a Puerto Rican mother and two daughters (one of whom sobbed through the entire fireworks display). An old man nearby continuously tried to rally the crowd to sing patriotic songs, but he was only partially successful, considering that most of the people around us didn't seem to be English speakers. We were positioned in a great spot to see fireworks going off from all three barges in a row (I suspect our view was even better than those suckers that paid $20 to sit on Roosevelt Island). Also, my camera has a special "fireworks" setting, which seems so ridiculous and unnecessary that I was thrilled to be able to take advantage of it:

On Wednesday, a few of us went to Macbeth at Shakespeare in the Park. It's a charming annual tradition. Last year I saw the musical version of Two Gentlemen of Verona, which was funny and full of laughs. Turns out Macbeth is not quite as hilarious, although a considerable improvement this year was that it starred Liev Schreiber, who is great. During our mediocre pre-theatre dinner, I entertained the possibility of Naomi Watts' attendance at the evening's performance on a number of occasions. "She's dating Liev Schreiber," I said, "maybe she'll be there." Well, everyone was pretty sick of me and my starstruck predictions, but as we waited to go into the theatre, who walks past me but Naomi Watts herself. I tried to get my companions to acknowledge how awesome it was, but there was little response. Too bad, because it was totally amazing. Gosh, I love celebrities.

And finally, on Friday, the two Tims and their gaggle of good-natured chums had a little bit of a dinner party, which was a real treat. It was at a lovely apartment nearby my old stomping grounds in the city and we sat up on the roof looking across at the vast expanse of bricks and watertowers and it seemed so familiar and so alien all at once.

Now the question of the week is: is log-rolling as dangerous as it looks!?

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lolo said...

I have two words that I think aptly describe your adoration of celebrities: John Travolta.

I still laugh whenever I think of that night.