Thursday, June 29, 2006


This spring/summer, we seem to have experienced far more thunderstorms as usual, which, I've got to say, has been pretty enchanting. There have been at least a handful of times when I've nearly mistaken the flashing lightning to a Soviet invasion outside and times when the thunder has boomed so loudly and forcefully, that I thought the space/time continuum was bending and threatening to swallow me up. On some days, I've got to admit that I've been pretty thrilled at the prospect of disappearing into a fourth or fifth dimension. Once, just as my father and I had finished a long bike ride along the Taft Tunnel network in Montana, we were loading our bikes onto the car when a storm overtook us and the thunder began ricocheting off of the mountains in such a violent splendor, that we just sat in the car and listened for quite some time. Having relocated to an urban area, I thought I was necessarily going to lose that kind of majestic boom boom, but instead, I've found that all these massive buildings in varying states of newness and decay are able to replicate the bouncing thunder effect I so gloriously experienced in the mountains. When it starts raining really hard, people grapple for their umbrellas, which I have never really fancied. When we parted domestic ways, Stiggy gave me a turquoise umbrella that says "Club Med" on it. It was his little parting gift. I tried to use it a few times, but quickly realized that an umbrella is only of great value in a vacuum when raindrops are not coming from all directions. These days I see people battling with their umbrellas on windy, rainy streets and they're getting just as wet as I am sans umbrella. Who's the winner in such a situation you may ask? I say it's me--for embracing the rain rather than trying to avoid it. Jumping over puddles? Making new friends under awnings? (Today I befriended an exceptionally kind, broad-faced bulldog named Otto). Who couldn't love a moderate amount of rain once a week?

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sean_garmire said...

Hey you. I do so want to keep up with my posts, but I just arrived in australia and it's been a little too wide (as they say in oz) to write. I'll send you a propper email sometime soon. I hope your summer is treating you well,