Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, these last few weeks have been brimming with photo ops and memories in the making, and heaven knows how much I love making memories. Here is a brief recap of many of the fine activities that have taken me away from my desk, rendering The Daily Collision something closer to The Infrequent Collision at best:

Last weekend, I went an unprecidented three days in a row riding in a car. Much to my dismay, the motion sickness of my youth seems to have intensified in recent years, making me just about the worst backseat companion the world has ever seen. On Friday, I saw the Strangers with Candy movie, at which I laughed and guffawed louder in public than I have in awhile. And that's obviously saying a lot. On Saturday, after a failed attempt to catch a documentary about Icelandic music, I wound up participating in some sort of cyber robo get together known only as MP3 Experiment #3. It turned out to be one of the most spectacular things I'd ever witnessed. Highlights included: lots of people wearing headphones, a couple of "team leaders" wearing spandex suits representing the four seasons, and this candid photo of yours truly, which was snapped by an unknown person and found later by one of my new very best friends (bottom left). It truly captures a moment of realization:

I really look like I know what I'm doing here.

The second weekend of June was surrendered to a slightly less pleasant obligation, which was to attend an enormous party of cirque du soleil magnitude for a rather nondescript youngish gentleman. The affair took place in a massive space--a grand bank from the old days turned into an even grander ballroom. The old vault was even still in there. Great coils of speakers hung from the ceiling and the music was so loud all evening that my teeth jangled around in my skull. Photographic documentation of this particular event may or may not be forthcoming.

In addition to marking the anniversary of my 24th year on this planet (a rather rainy celebration, wonderfully sponsored by Miss D. of Lafayette St), the first weekend of June also saw the matrimonial union of the delightful J. Schroeder and her beau. I took the Chinatown bus to Philadelphia and from there the SEPTA train (on which I encountered a benevolent religious fanatic proclaiming his love for everyone) to our nation's first State to witness the festivities. Here you see the bride in question and myself posing dutifully for the camera:

Maybe I will catch the bouquet!?


Queen Ant said...

I've been searching for a copy of "Frany and Zooey" in my library for months (maybe years...or year) ever since I re-read "Catcher in the rye" which I hated in highschool simply because I HAD to read it. The second time I loved it. Then I read EVERYthing I could by Salinger. However, this novel "Frany and Zooey" has slipped through my fingers once again! Tell me what you thought of it since you obviously like it and use silly words such as "guffaw" which I was adamant that it wasn't a word until I looked it up about a year ago and have been shy around it ever since.

Queen Ant said...

I would like to play all of the convicts - in the book I discussed - to display my talent as a lier. I don't mind if I have to paint my skin.
I think the process of books to made-for-tv movies is ingenius. I overheard a girl at the beach once say, ", but...books take so like, long to read..."
I think she's on to something, here.

sean_garmire said...

I want to see strangers with candy, but it's not going to be here until after i leave. I really dig your new story.