Monday, March 06, 2006


Some of my finest ideas come to me at night. Small elements--a snippet here and there, or huge chunks, full segments, through lines, and tidy endings. They always begin to swirl around teeth-brushing time, and I figure I'll let them stew while I polish the old chompers. But then I find myself climbing into bed and switching off the light and the ideas have yet to solidify. They're all still swimming around up there, bumping into one another, sometimes halfway transparent, much like data in a computer looks in a movie when they're trying to convey the idea that it's really high-tech stuff. You watch the screen while ghostly "e = mc2's" are floating by and weird "cybernoises" are heard. Only in this scenario, the cybernoises are in my brain. Now, the mature thing to do would be to climb out of bed and write these things down. I should just admit that I've been inefficient by getting into bed prematurely and tell myself that I oughtn't to let these jewels slip away yet again. Instead, I squander all of my remaining brain power (the portion of my brain in which there are no swirling equations to be found) on creating elaborate acronymns so that I will remember the things I am supposed to write down in the morning. Often, many of the ideas are gone even before the acronymn is completed. If I do happen to finish it, the following things generally occur: 1) I wake up in the morning and down remember the acronymn 2) I wake up in the morning and remember the acronymn with ridiculous clarity, yet I forget what each letter stands for 3) I remember both the acronymn and the concepts its letters represent, but I am too lazy or too late to write it down. This third possibility generally prompts me to devise an even lengthier and less intuitive acronymn that is supposed to remind me to record my ideas at midday.

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LFsat said...

I stumbled upon your blog, started reading the first few entries and really enjoyed it. I always wanted to write a story about a man or woman who takes over the Office of Acronyms, a department within the Department of Social Services. A government job where big projects are given proper names before they are unleashed on an unsuspecting public. In fact a project can't go forward without the pre-authorized tag. One of the reasons Katrina hasn't been cleaned up and the pullout in Iraq, which was scheduled for last year hasn't taken place. After reading your first entry I thought maybe you should write it instead.