Monday, February 20, 2006


So there's this thing called red velvet cake, with which I was acquainted but not intimately familiar, until this week. One time in Cd'A circa 2002 (?) E. Miller was making red velvet cupcakes for some chums of hers and I helped. By "helped," I mean sat on a stool at the kitchen counter and gabbed and sometimes ate whatever was in sight, edible or not. That is the extent of my kitchen support. I think E. Miller decorated them with Barbies or some other such ingenius ornamentation. The point is, it was my introduction to red velvet cake, which was strange and exciting and did not look like something people should be eating for dessert. I thought it was a fad, because I hadn't seen it since, until last Sunday evening at D. D.'s birthday party, which began with six heated rounds of Scattagories and culminated with the serving of a heaping, tottering red velvet masterpiece. Delicious. Not two nights later, on Valentine's Day, M. N., and K. were serving up red velvet cupcakes. I was playing it too cool to actually eat one of them, but at least I was familiar enough to be able to converse about them with relative ease. I guess red velvet's really around mostly as a Valentine-themed treat? Why else would anyone ever eat something so vividly colored? I hope in the future everything is so bright and artificial.


sean_garmire said...

Velvet cake is undoubtedly the most delicious of all fabric themed pastris. Other than seersucker cookies that is. If you would like to bare wittness to my new blog it's at
there's not much posted yet, but keep your eyes open, it's gonna be hot!

Anonymous said...

e. miller!!!!!