Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I honestly don't know why they bother to call it a charity ball, because people always tend to dress about twice as well as they typically would and nobody ever bothers to ask the girl with the bad posture and bad teeth (probably British) to dance. If that's charitable, I'd hate an apathetic crowd. Used to be when people wanted to throw a dance, you'd call up those supposed DJs that were headquartered in the strip mall between the laundromat and the one shop that was forever rotating frozen yogurt joint and mortage company and they (the supposed DJs) would drive on over to your Junior High and throw everyone a real nice time. I remember once we all got really ambitious and got this bright idea to string Christmas lights up through the basketball hoops' nets. It looked marvelous when everything was in place, but as poor Kitty Betts was putting a few finishing touches there, she toppled off the ladder and broke her femur of all things. She had to spend the whole reset of the year (including the dance) with a florescent green cast on her leg sitting on the bleachers, watching helplessly on. Even though it ended up being clumsy, Bobby Brannigan asked her to dance. Now that's charity.

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sean_garmire said...

What a cool picture, is that from your trip? You should post more of them.

On a seperate note that new She's The Man flick with Amanda Byrnes looks super cool. Watch out for that one.