Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Here are some pictures of the Guggenheim's most recent First Friday event taken from the Flavorpill website. Despite our late arrival and the ridiculous cover charge that we thought we'd circumvented, all the fuss really was worth it, in my opinion. There were booty-shaking opportunities aplenty. FLW must be pleased to see his spirals teeming with hipsters. The density of these crowds is higher than the hairs in Hitler's mustache!

Here's the real kicker, though. An amazing snap prominently figuring dj DIPLO spinning his business less prominently (but more significantly) depicts myself and my two colleagues relaxing in style in the background. We look proud. Like medieval warriors!

So I'm looking at these pictures and thinking to myself that I must be pretty awesome. Then I look down and notice that I'm wearing a shirt from high school. It's plaid, and I wore it to the annual economic summit in 12th grade. Where I was representing Bolivia. Then I realize that not much has changed. I'm still lauding the benefits of cocaine, the diamond trade, and very high altitudes. Still, these pictures must count for something.

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