Tuesday, December 27, 2005


On Saturday night I finished up school. I celebrated with cider, an amusingly lackluster game of charades, and a slumber party. The next day I ate a great deal of Chinese food. Not the same kind of celebration but a good time in good company nonetheless. Later that day, __ Brady, producer extraordinaire, came by. We went to a museum. We bought pomegranates from a man on the street.

Later, we applied temporary tattoos featuring dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period to our forearms. It's a good thing we took the photo, as mine peeled off mere minutes later. The triceratops fared better, but still...

December is a special month, not only is it full of wintertime holidays, but it is also the month during which the birthdays of some of my favorite people fall. To celebrate birthday number three, I made a carrot cake. The most important element was the frosting on top that resembled carrots. There was some dispute amongst the older folks as to whether or not the orange flecks looked like carrots or poop, but they were carrot-like enough to win the smiles of its owner, which was all that mattered.

December is also prime storytelling season. I got to practice my skills at passing on oral culture to a captive and generally enthusiastic audience (see above right). The protagonists Bartholemew (age 5) and Leopold (age 3) enjoyed a number of thrilling adventures: rescuing their wealthy Aunt Bertha from a faux detective with the help of a flock of Canadian geese and some winged monkeys, convincing the abominable snowman to return Santa's clothes, stowing away with the circus to find out once and for all whether Gumbo the clown's nose was false, making a wig for the emperor of China, embarking on a viking voyage, and of course, saving the city from giant man-eating ants. As it turns out, there also already exists a wealth of fantastic children's literature with even more fantastic illustrations.

I'm pretty sure it's fair to say that it was the best Christmas that I had all year.

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