Wednesday, October 26, 2005


* C. Goodman says that if there was no ambient noise, you could hear your heart beating. That you could hear the blood circulating through your body and your organs sloshing around. He says they built a chamber that is completely soundproof (none of this eggshell foam stapled to the sides of the toolshed for your recording studio for your band in 10th gr, but a real soundproof chamber) that allows you to hear these things.
* Or the fact that the majority of dust is comprised of human skin, or that your dustpan and drains will inevitably reveal that someone or other's hair is falling out.
* The man with the deep voice who eats very healthily and sits in the back row with me told me how bad CFCs were for us (and then told me what CFCs were when it was obvious that I didn't know). He mostly eats tofu and seems to get a kick out of the fact that it's so bland. I wonder if he will decide to become a monk and sincerely hope the answer is yes.

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lolo said...

Monks are some of the coolest, yet strangest, individuals in existence. But moreso those monks for esoteric asian faiths, not those crazy western monks, unless they're sean connery in "name of the rose."