Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Tonight I sat very near a man who was doubled over asleep on the train. Thanks to the fact that he was wearing grey sweatpants, coupled with the horrendous smell, it was clear he had pissed himself. What was worse was that he quite closely resembled an individual with whom I was once pretty close. There he was, quasi-spitting image of _____, snorting there in his own piss, his hands clasped together in that restless sleep posture, his fingernails longer and grubbier than they ought to have been. It was one of those moments at which if I were with someone else who had also once known this individual, we would have exchanged knowing glances, neither of us wanting to verbally confirm the similitude. It's not a nice thing by any stretch, but I find strange consolation when my suspicions are confirmed through gossipy glances.

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The Daily Kirk said...

From time to time, aren't we all that man on the subway, soaked in the urine of our own despair? Give me a call.