Thursday, October 06, 2005


Today: 118 4th-8th graders watching "I Love Lucy," being extremely noisy, but mostly good-natured and amusing. I slipped in and out of sleep while riding the train between work and school. Perhaps letting my guard down at a time like this is unwise, but E.J. said it well when she noted that we shouldn't stop living our lives for fear that our lives will stop. It's pretty silly, right? Still, it would be annoying.

The sun was setting while I was going along the sludgy river. Then it started raining and visibility decreased substantially. The Prentenders were playing and it was one of those unexpectedly euphoric moments. When I arrived home, I discovered two recipes from Hattiesburg waiting for me in my mailbox. One was for onion soup. The other for "Mexican" dip.

These days I have noticed a lot of situations in which people exhibit what one might call "celluloid-centric" tendencies, complaining about what lousy dupes and dubs they're watching and extolling the virtues of some miraculously restored 35 mm prints. While I was once somewhat frustrated by this type of attitude, being in the archive class has begun to demonstrate that such issues aren't always merely a matter of aesthetic snobbery, but that they are all tied to much larger questions of preservation, technology, and available resources.

I am still mustering up courage, but it's a slow process to say the least. I managed to blow a kiss, but that's about as useful as blowing a large bubble out of a wad of gum. It pops on your nose. And sometimes in your hair. And you need ice and peanutbutter to get it out. Courage.

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Katiett said...

Please talk to Todd about this "celluloid-centric" attitude. He complains about it nightly.