Thursday, September 15, 2005


Approximately one-third of my time these days is devoted to serious, furtive daydreaming. Subjects include: what if I was the best bicyclist on earth and ride my skinny-wheeled bike over those bumpy French cobblestone roads faster than anyone else, what if I had a bionic arm long enough to reach behind the counter in cafes and delis and retrieve my own change when the person making change is too slow and I am in a hurry, what if i re-started my collection of superballs and amassed enough to fill a very large jar and dropped them off an even higher building than we dropped them off before. There are lots of tall buildings around here, is why I think about that last one. These are just a few issues on my plate right now, and they're weighty ones. It's no wonder that I frequently miss my subway stop, or get caught dazed and disoriented in the middle of an intersection unable to remember where I was going. People accuse me of not focusing enough, but really, they have no idea how much concentration it takes to envision such an elaborate imaginative world as I've created, and to pave its streets with both irony and optimism along the way.


Jasper Precep said...

I think that if a superball hits cement while traveling at its t.v. it will probably just break. Also, I heard that if you dropped a penny off of the empire states building onto a human head it will go right through it like a bullet through a melon. Maybe that would be a good experiment.

Anonymous said...

hey, collision girl. if you know of any other online writings as spiritual and meaningful as yours, tell me about them.

only the cheapest superballs would break at t.v. i myself throw faster than t.v. and watch the balls decelerate in the thick, mysterious air where i live.

love, sam wattegan