Saturday, September 24, 2005


Due, in part, to the lovely pre-October weather, my need for some trees, sunlight, and the call of the open road, today, Emilia and I sallied forth for the Shawnee Mtn. Rodeo at the Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. As neither one of us had ever been to a rodeo before (shocking, considering our heritage--see picture of license plate) we were naturally extremely delighted by the day's events. The MC of the whole affair, toting a thick accent (he told us all he was from "Missourah") was truly entertaining and led us step by step through each event. One fellow got bucked off pretty hard and the paramedics came, but in true cowboy form, he shrugged off that backboard and hobbled out of the dusty ring himself. Between bona-fide events, a husband and wife team clad in turquoise sequined cowboy outfits came out and did all sorts of amazing tricks: flipping, sommersaulting, and standing on the horses as they galloped around, steering horses through courses of flaming stakes, and snapping roses out of people's mouths with whips. The highlight, however, was when four goats were let out in the ring. Sent in to round them up were three monkeys in cowboy suits that were astride three border collies. I am not sure how they got those monkeys to stay on top of the dogs--super glue? tying them down? Whatever they did, they looked like miniature, hairy cowboys just doing a day's work. Truly disturbing, but that's the way of the west.


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I like that the cowboy post brought out all of the anonymous advertisers.