Monday, August 08, 2005


This is what it feels like to be a desperate person:

1) Your heart beats really fast for hours on end, so your body's staying pretty still but you've still got the flutters.
2) You jump at small noises: the air conditioner clicking on, the popping of the floorboards--it might as well be the a-bomb.
3) You make lists, go over them, and develop alternate plans: plan b's, plan c's, and then go over the pros and cons of executing each one.
4) You review reasons why you might not be considered a desperate person. a) there are always people in worse shape than you are. b) your wit and charm will certainly minimize the damage (?) c) think of all the times things have gone right.
5) You still stew about it even when all the lights are off and everyone's snoozing in their bunks.


Anonymous said...

washington park plaza, 1 week

see ya soon, sis

Katiett said...

What you need is someone to snooze in your bunk WITH you.

I'm available.

Todd won't mind.

lolo said...

there is very little your wit and charm wouldn't be able to get you out of. like nuclear annihilation. then it only pays to be a cockroach. however, i have endless faith in your abilities to make it through.

thedailykirk said...

holy shit
that is exactly what my heart has been doing.
i thought i was dying
you owe me a phone call