Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Right now I am taking my comp exams. When I need a break from writing (which is once about every 45 minutes—I’ve got superb discipline, evidently) I try to think of things that “comp” could stand for. One is “compost,” because the purpose of the exams is to smash down as much information as possible and to use micro bacteria and energy to process that information in an eco-friendly way. Another is “computer,” because I am writing the exams on a computer. I have scarcely left the house for two or three (what day is it?) days, but luckily our new air conditioner is whirring away, keeping it a relatively cool 77 degrees in here vs the 94 degrees that it appears to be outside. Three cheers for climate control. The other good news is that I’m writing about Picnic at Hanging Rock, which is a pleasure. It has all the elements of a timeless classic: a banana as phallic symbol, panpipes in the background, that lady who was Mrs. Caswell in Foul Play (who died a pretty dramatic death), and virtually no narrative closure. Golly, it’s a good one.


Katiett said...

The really good news is this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v333/queenkatieett/MeredithMouth.jpg.

Katiett said...

Let's try that again.


Anonymous said...

i will soon see that mouth for myself. the alaska theatre alliance had an impromptu meeting after our performance last night. our play in the park will rock the nyc fringe.