Sunday, July 17, 2005


Much of the weekend was spent disappearing into thick mists. The foreboding sky was incredibly deceptive, as it was still hot and muggy outside. Still, the bright whiteness and shrill honking of the ugliest seagulls imaginable both effectively kept the crowds away from the beach. Long Beach (here pictured) is a mere hour ride on the LIRR—a great bargain (not entirely) and a superb getaway from all the hustle and the bustle, if you know what I mean. While all those sad, sappy suckers were frying on the city sidewalks, I was blissfully frolicking in the surprisingly warm ocean and paying little heed to the lifeguard’s incessant whistle toots. Apparently there had been a great white fast approaching, or an undertow, or something equally tragic and menacing.

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