Wednesday, May 04, 2005


They were shooting a big film in Washington Square. There was a long, massive craft services table piled with delicious foods and I somehow felt entitled to eat from it. A semi-circle of big-armed, grizzled-faced men standing around dissuaded me from feeling such entitlement. As I walked past, they were getting a shot of this fleet of taxis crossing on 8th St right in front of the arch. Then someone yelled in a megaphone “That’s a cut! Where’s Wendy? Have Wendy come back over here and we’re going to have her come in from here again!” Showbiz.

Later, on the late, late train back down from 200th St, we listened intently to a loudish man asking these two guys (who had been speaking a foreign language) if the trains ran this slow in Germany. The guys answered that they didn’t know because they were from Holland, not Germany. The man then proceeded to wow them (and me, sitting across from them) with a completely useless and shallow historical survey of the geography and 20th century military history of The Netherlands. Kudos.

Finally, I guess around 59th St (?) The doors were just shutting when I heard a screech from the top of the stairs. A lady was yelling: “Wait! Hold the train!” and she bounded down and jumped in, carrying the very largest Louis Vuitton bag I’ve ever seen. Like she could have fit Louis Vuitton’s body (albeit chopped up) into the bag. And it’s weird—if you could afford to buy something that large at Louis Vuitton you could probably afford to take a cab.

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Noodles said...

Yeah, but if she does have Louis stuffed in the bag, the cabbies might be on the lookout for her. Though I doubt he really was in there. He is probably hidden inside the weave of the McDonald's chic. Perhaps the bag was so huge because it was a fake--Louis Vitten perhaps? She could sell it as the real deal to the people from the Netherlands. :)