Saturday, May 07, 2005


Oh, what wonder, relief, and happiness to be done with the semester. After about a million of last minute proofs and glances, I think I’m finally through. To celebrate, I treated myself to a luxurious helping of English muffins and we watched Gwenyth Paltrow’s stunningly mediocre portrayal of Sylvia Plath. Maybe her portrayal itself wasn’t what was mediocre. No, the acting was largely fine, maybe unremarkable, but really fine. The problems, I guess, were the totally random changes of setting. These seemed authentic to Plath’s biography, but many of them were not explained with particular clarity in the narrative. Furthermore, the completely generic musical score, which tended to introduce moments of emotional climax and dramatic elements far before we had any idea of what was going on in the scene or any attachment to the characters, seemed a bit much. But it is Gwenyth (and Daniel Craig). And it is Sylvia Plath, so maybe we can’t complain.

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