Monday, May 09, 2005

The M___ Pizza Parlor, East Side.

This woman demands that the man behind the counter change the channel at 6:04 so she can watch the Kentucky Derby. It's only two minutes long, she insists.

But the man is already engrossed in the movie that's on ("Big Mamma's House"). I know this because when I got my slice he made a point of letting me know what a good movie it was. At that point, they were helping Eddie Murphy struggle into a fat woman suit.

The man says "If you want to watch the race, go to a racetrack." Maybe a good point.

The woman appeals to the son of the man who works there, who also works there. The son of the man who works there who also works there says "Lady, I'm not going to get in a fight with my dad over this." And it's a good point.

Then she turns to the cop, who is sitting next to her listening to someone singing softly over his police radio. Obviously it is not a legal issue here.

Finally she says "you guys are being jerks. I'm never going to come back here." She storms out without eating her perfectly good food. Man, I sure hope her horse won.

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