Sunday, April 03, 2005


Yo, Ohio KT: how's about your url? We can exchange enigmatic e-banter all day every day. You're not really put off by my multi-length hair, are you? Maybe it's my way of keeping the world at a safe distance.

And what about this brighton-wok business? Two words: 1) weird. 2) awesome.

So this week there were two, count them two fire drills. Well, one drill, one fire. Both, however, happened during horrific nighttime downpours. This means no fun. The first was almost a blessing--a little break from TV class that most people were fairly glad about. Many of us sought shelter in the McDonalds across the road, so we returned to class smelling like wet hamburgers. Turns out that's not the best way to make friends. Next was the bona-fide incident--perhaps a cooking peculiarity or something--that happened in a 20 some odd story building but coincidentally in the apartment just next door. Wowsers. So along with the deafening clang of the fire alarm, there was also lots of smoke to huff and puff through. While the friendly folks of ladder 7 smashed their way through locks with their axes and whatnot, hundreds of us loitered in the cold, wet street at 4 am. The unfortunate experience seemed to have aggravated my throat malady and now the mere thought of swallowing is painful enough to cause me to almost pass out. Radical.


Katiett said... is my Blog, which is the single most exciting thing on the Internets. From there, you can click on the link to my LiveJournal, which contains actual words, making it considerably less exciting, as everyone knows that reading sucks.

Here's the thing: with LiveJournal, you can comment on my entries, and I can reply to your comments. Bantertastic. Seriously, make the switch now.

Saul said...

weird?awesome? that ain't the half of it.
Still, we're glad you like it :)
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