Monday, March 28, 2005


Following the weekend’s enlightening conference, there were plenty of good times around the village—scholarship takes a lot of hard work and you need a chance to treat yourself right after a serious weekend of thinking, listening, and carting large quantities of food and drink around on hand trucks. The day following the festivities, what better activity could there have been but to visit the museum of natural history and check out all the dinos and dead animals? Carrie and I realized we were tuckered out after only around 45 minutes of wandering. All them skeletons are libel to wear one out, I suppose. Our tour, however brief, was still extremely informative to those around us, and essentially consisted of us making the noises that we guessed each dead animal and/or skeleton would make. Needless to say, most of them made pretty loud sounds. Please note the stellar collage of very angry or excited monkeys, plus some really cute rhinos.

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