Monday, February 28, 2005


So after a good deal of deliberation, I finally purchased the digital camera of my dreams (meaning a moderately priced one that still does fun things). Consequently, this little cyber realm here might be a little bit excessive for awhile. The thing is so easy to use that I'm likely to take about a billion pictures a day, and naturally I'll want to showcase all of them. I picked up the little dreamboat at B & H, and really, just going and shopping there is quite an experience in itself. I have never had so many men with earlocks ordering me around and ushering me into more lines in my life. Truly amazing. Of course, the one day I finally decide to drag myself into the 21st century (though I'm still clinging to my Zack Morris brick of a cell phone) has ended up to be most photogenic (as you'll see). Not that the snow isn't beautiful, because it is, but it doesn't make for the best long dist pics. Oh well. Even with the severely limited visibility, here I'll be, pointing and clicking my sorry [spendy] little soul away.

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