Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Yesterday it rained for forever, but I discovered a remarkable place to go when it is gray outside and you want to feel like you’re back in a wombish state. This womb is lined with bricks and windows and full of coffee drinkers and carts boasting books for $1, but some wombs are like that. E.M. was on a frantic quest to secure some sort of urban residence. We (she) found a stunning little number right next to the Queensborough Bridge with a space we’ve already monikered “the love loft” that will be just perfect. We elatedly sloshed all the way back to the station. More recently, I attempted to engage the chickpea-eating occupants of a round, dimly lit room in some sort of group activity. The majority of them were unresponsive, though on my way out one kind soul smiled awkwardly at my impromptu pantomime routine. Frankly, in my opinion, we should be aiming a bit higher. People ought to respond better to social abnormalities when it’s such an uncharacteristically warm Tuesday evening.

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Anonymous said...

i'd say write more often, but i guess you do what you can. i'd tell you how great the writing is, but maybe if you wrote more often it'd suffer. i'd tell you which lines of yours i'm gonna steal, but you'll find out when the songs go platinum.