Tuesday, February 08, 2005


What if instead of getting bulimia, people started suffering from an ailment known as “bohemia” and turned into awful svelte, brooding hipsters? I think maybe a lot of people got that here. I hope they can get well soon. Really, I do. **** This woman on Oprah who says she’s addicted to plastic surgery said she’s been “clean” (free of cosmetic surgery) for 10 years, but then admitted to “falling off the wagon” and getting botox in her forehead. Luckily if you fall off that wagon, you don’t show it. **** Today a woman was giving a tour to a group of 5th graders and showing them the gigantic Freddy sweater from Nightmare on Elm Street 4. She asked them why the filmmakers needed such a large sweater. The answer? So that they could use real actors “climbing out of Freddy’s tummy” in the “chest of souls” scene. Weird. Freddy Krueger got a tummy.

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