Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Every winter when the time to leave “Heart of the Alene” rolls around, it gets a little sad. In an effort to more gracefully part ways with the town for yet another season, I’ve decided to focus almost exclusively on the place’s more negative aspects. Thus, goodbye disproportionately high number and concentration of meth labs. Goodbye Liquidation World and your completely useless inventory of overstocked gimcrackery and irregular smoke damaged sweatshirts. Goodbye Regal Cinemas monopoly, complete with logos and advertisements that haven’t been updated since 1992. Goodbye ultra conservative owners of the donut shop who display sassy and volatile things upon your marquee, and goodbye host of disagreeable elderly women who get your haircuts on Saturday mornings at the $12 place. Soon it’s going to be back to normal again. I’ll welcome the mice in the supermarkets with open arms and do the best I can to take advantage of the city’s many opportunities. Small hometowns may have apple pies cooling on windowsills and grocery store clerks who know you by name, but they certainly don’t have conveniences like your friendly neighborhood Jose’s Quick X-Ray just around the corner, and who needs amicable personal interactions when you can pay a small fee to stare right through your own body at your quivering little bones?

PS: The dynamo OKTOMAT (which, incidentally, is already broken) managed to cough out two rolls of film before its premature demise. The images produced have been put together into a couple of cutesy 8 frame movies you can watch at my lomo home. Here’s how to get there: 1) go to this address: 2) search for la_sale_bete 3) click on movies and 4) let the good times roll.

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