Friday, January 28, 2005


At long last, Battle Scars has been cutted and pasted, snipped, reworked, rearranged, reassembled, and solidified into a singular body printed out before me. Oh, it’s been all together (actually x’s 2 or 3) for some time now, on the backs of envelope flaps, cocktail napkins, and in a variety of blank books, each snippet written in my own secret and utterly indecipherable form of shorthand, but finally, here it is, maybe still reeking of the Africa I never knew, maybe with a few repeats and a few enormous gaps, but in its most coherent form yet. High fives all around.

In the wake of the tsunami (pun partially intended) I have been touched to see how attentive the celebrities have been to rally around and give their support. I salute those who dig through their mile long closets and proceed to auction off their glitzy, thousand dollar evening gowns and give the proceeds to plush humanitarian organizations, which put that money toward throwing gigantic galas in an attempt to raise even more money for the victims. Naturally, the celebrities who attend said black tie events have to rush out and purchase new glitzy, thousand dollar evening gowns in order to look their finest. But even the middlebrows have really come out of the woodwork to share in the philanthropic spirit. I have never, until recently, been invited to so very many benefits at bars. The proceeds from the exorbitant cover charges and the “discounted” alcoholic drinks will go to buying sawdust filled teddy bears to give to the little Asian children to be poignantly photographed, printed in newsmagazines, and eventually lining the guinea pig cages of well-off suburban children. How can I be a part of this glorious transnational exchange? The more alcohol I consume, apparently, the more money will go to the aforementioned teddy bears (which, I presume, constitutes some sort of relief). What a great machine in which we get to be cogs. Hats off to those all these affluent dandies who use any excuse they can to throw a party.

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