Sunday, December 26, 2004


Christmas is over. There is an enormous ziploc bag of ham slices in the fridge that signifies what is generally the post-holiday slump. However, there is no melancholy here, which I attribute to the fact that we all come from relatively small, quiet households and have gathered all together into a large, noisy household, so we're all busy caught up in love and noise and fun to notice things like how gray it is outside. The young couples are gleefully recounting the stories of their courtship in the other room, while the littlest one continues to snooze and the older one runs around and proudly displays his name, which he's written out in electric blue Play-Doh. The slinkies didn't even survive 24 hours before becoming hopelessly entangled, first independently and shortly thereafter with one another. The half finished mural on the wall depicts a surprisingly geographically accurate (though even with the surprise, it's not remotely accurate) view of my urban neighborhood that I'd feared I'd miss so much. As it turns out, having a half finished, slightly slanting (betraying that it the picture was wrought by a left-handed individual) cartoon rendition in primary colors is completely sufficient enough. I guess it's due to the fact that we're in such a big, busy household.

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stacia said...

I can't wait to see the real version of your urban landscape. I'm particularly interested in visiting Jose's Quick X-Ray to take care of some of my ever-pressing x-ray needs.