Friday, December 31, 2004


Although I somewhat intentionally jumped off of the nanowrimo bandwagon, (I was always partial to the "no" portion and pretty indifferent to the "mo" part) I have since been struggling to catch up with it once again. As previously suggested, one of the main obstacles, the embodiment of everything going wrong, was the ill-fated characters' trip to Africa. Finally, maybe through the use of my recently purchased jetpack, or by virtue of the fact that I'm an excellent runner, I caught up to that ol' wagon and am fully prepared to jump aboard, entirely equipped to avoid Africa altogether. The alternative plan (one that, incidentally, puts the plot 100% back on track) is a simple one: it involves a rowdy gang of visually impaired communist poets known as The Troublesome Three. What could be simpler than that? Full speed ahead.

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