Monday, November 15, 2004


Our engaging study of genre theory came to an end this evening, with a screening of McCabe and Mrs. Miller, which, as was more than adequately explained, exhibits a number of revisionist characteristics. At least they were in a snowy wonderland rather than another crusty old desert. On the home front, the roommate sat talking on her bed, awfully frazzled about living in such institutionalized conditions. They pair us, she succinctly pointed out, with strangers and make us live in a room sub par to a motel room with shabby furniture. Too true. She also suggested, “this is rehab; why do I still have my shoelaces?” It was an excellent question, really, considering that this place doesn’t necessarily boast a flawless track record when it comes to keeping morale up within the student body. For now we’re still using our laces to tie our shoes, but tomorrow is another day, and we’ve still got how many more weeks to go before our fantasy retreats back into the isolated hills?

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