Tuesday, November 02, 2004


NANOWRIMO kicked off and it’s been a thrill thus far. It’s a whirlwind, a rush, kind of like what I’d imagine running with the bulls to be like, only your fingers get tired and you’re just sitting there. But the characters, if you can even call them that, since they’re nothing more, really, than a conglomeration of lots of insignificant (but beautiful?) details, do surprising things and say lots of stupid stuff, but they’re getting their jobs done rather nicely, I’d say. One had a quirkier landlord than I’d imagined and they were all better friends with a kid working at a fruit stand than I’d anticipated, and all of them say much stupider things than I’d expected them to, but that’s how things go during round one, I’m told.

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Anonymous said...

sam wattegan wants to read your collected works.
he told me so.