Thursday, November 18, 2004


1) The movie we saw tonight had a scene wherein they gave their goldfish a little funeral with matchbox coffins.

2) I wanted to learn a lot more about semiotics and neologism.

3) The people in my NANOWRIMO novel are going to Africa but I have never been there. They’re stalling like crazy to avoid this embarrassing exposure. They’ve been in the airport, in the airplane, learning how to use nagra recorders in the cramped bathroom. But the plane will have to touch down sooner or later and I don’t know what that means. Lentil trading? In the West? Safaris? We’re in a heap of trouble and we need to get them out of there fast.


stacia said...

1. I read you loud and clear you technological genius, you.

2. I had a funeral for my beta when he died after 3.5 years of faithful companionship. I read a poem about death being like water, lit a candle, and tossed him over a bridge.

3. I love your new header. Classy lassie.

Anonymous said...

neither sam nor stacia have come forward, as far as i can tell, and now the characters are landing a very vague africa. i have no answers.

stacia said...

Sam and I are great friends. We met one evening in spring at cafe Elusive. He ordered a frappuccino, I a hot chocolate. We pretended not to notice each other at first, but then he pointed out the bit of whipped cream on my nose. I laughed and my cheeks became pink. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

How did you meet?

la_sale_bete said...

we met in the parking lot of the IHOP between a guitar. or in the parking lot of bagelby's, when it was still in existence. needless to say, the ties run deep.

Anonymous said...

all i have to remember sam by is a poorly drawn crayon novella. less for stacia and africa and IHOP.