Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Thanksgiving weekend, ahoy! Last night Kitty graced me with his presence for an hour, which was really spectacular. They played a variety of music—Indian, German, and Mexican, and the bartender whistled like one of those Russian canary champions. This morning I braved the warm, rainy streets and after much printing and photocopying, managed to amass a pile of articles to keep me rather occupied over the break. The guilt and stress associated with not completing my work would surely be worse than just taking the tasks along with me and getting a head start on next week’s list. Ah, holidays in contemporary America. How luxurious and relaxing. We’ve never been one of those hopeless little families that goes around the table and everyone says one thing they’re thankful for. Thank goodness. You know how it always plays out: some people give really funny smart ass answers and then some people give really poignant ones, so by the end, everyone’s blubbering over their jellied cranberries.

That’s not how I’d care to spend any holiday. But if I had to construct a list of some of the things for which I’m thankful, here would be some of the items:

1) Thin paper sacks

2) Stationery stores

3) The friendly faces at Ben’s Pizza and Falafels and More

4) Snipe hunting

5) Walks around the block

6) Liking a place enough that you don’t want to leave it

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