Sunday, November 07, 2004


Today’s headlines included:

1) Sitting in the Cosy Diner at 3 am— a man is eyeing my strawberry sundae and I his cheese fries. I propose a swap, which is obviously futile, as I’ve already consumed the majority of my meal whereas he’s just getting started. He rejects the trade, though later, offers me a fry (and accompanying gravy) free of charge (no equivalent food items had to be exchanged).

2) (this one’s for mature audiences): ___ told a rather amusing story of just about to be going down on a girl when he had a severe allergic reaction to her cat and had to leave, retreating in a series of sneezes and closed throated goodbyes.

3) (this one’s rated d for drug content): ___ told a story of coming home to her roommate, a drug dealer, and a prostitute in her living room, all doing coke off of her laptop. Spectacular.

4) Sally Hardesty in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an uncharacteristically resilient horror film heroine. And it pays off for her in the end. Kudos, Sally.

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