Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Today: I got my fill of the NYPL research libraries, which must be guarding enormous treasures or perhaps the secret that they don’t actually have anything behind those doors and attempt to perspective divert patrons by subjecting them to ridiculously antiquated and inefficient systems. There were also lots of leaves dropping in Central Park, just the right amount, I’d venture, and you’ve got to wonder if sometimes leaves get really stressed out in preparation for the one time they’ll ever get to fall and whether it’s preferable to them to flutter slowly or drop quickly (I’d like to believe they’d prefer fluttering). If it doesn’t go well for them, during their one journey, they have to wait to decompose (avoiding the gnashing jaws of rakes and obscene onslaughts of gas powered blowers) and be reabsorbed and go as nutrients up the tree’s trunk, out the branches, and be reborn as new leaves. And what better matter of discussion to accompany trees than the incredibly unflattering pair of Adam and Eve statues at the Time Warner Center? There they are, standing larger than life, looking vaguely dazed to be on their little pedestals while children scoff at their bronze (?) nudity. Well, shoot.

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